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Increasing Facebook’s Revenue: New Micro-Fee Monetization Tactics

After much speculation and anticipation, Facebook went public in May 2012. Facebook’s IPO is one of the most infamous stock let-downs in recent history – making a huge splash and ultimately disappointing thousands with disappointing numbers. Since the public launch, Facebook has rolled out several ways to better monetize their website in creative ways and […]


SEO Advice for Start Up Entrepreneurs

There is no silver bullet when it comes to SEO and I have a feeling that, with the Facebook’s new Graph Search, the SEO world is about to be flipped upside down. My office is located at thinkspace in the coworking section which gives me the opportunity to speak with many different start up entrepreneurs. […]

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thinkspace: An Innovation Hub for Economic Growth in Washington

The 41th Annual Economic Forecast report for 2013 was released in the Puget Sound Business Journal in the January 11-17th issue. In this report Cynthia Flash authored an article, “Local tech sector key to sustaining regional economic growth.” Cynthia writes, ” It’s no secret that Washington’s information technology industry is a major part of the state’s economy. […]

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What an Entrepreneur can Learn From The Seahawks Victory Over The Redskins

This post is about the Seahawk’s versus Redskins playoff game and why it was amazing. The Seahawks faced off with the Redskins but in the very first quarter the Seahawks found themselves down 0 – 14, held scoreless in the first quarter with no apparent chance of winning. Seattle’s defense just couldn’t stop the Redskins, […]

Monetizing The Presidential Debate

The first presidential debate just ended, and I was inspired! If your like anything like me their is only one thing on your mind, and one thing only. It’s not who won the debt, who stuttered the most, or who has the worst poker face. But, the burning question that everyone wants to know is…..How […]

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DIY SEO Bootcamp For Startups

image credit You’re a visionary. Your Idea will change the world!Every time you tell someone about your idea they instantly become a believer and start spreading the word. Your energy and passion for what you do is so contagious that you are attracting talent, people want to get involved. Only problem is you need funding, […]