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K is for Karaoke

The other day I came across this saved list in my iPhone.   And it probably deserves an explanation.   During my three-year graduate program, my classmates and I frequented fine karaoke establishments. And during that time, I started to track the songs I sang. *The “x’s” mark repeat offenders.   While my graduate degree required a lot of […]


How’s your [think]space?

Enter [what’s been on my mind] Does this ever happen to you?  You’re about to start a new task, and you realize you cannot begin until you either a) throw away the collection of empty Starbucks cups, b) clear away the mound of papers collecting on your desk, c) try out a new organizational strategy […]

Leading From The Middle

Enter [what’s been on my mind] Leadership is important, and among the ever-changing workplace, a new kind of leadership has emerged.  The traditional model of hierarchical top-down leadership is effective, but this different type of leadership includes people from the bottom up.  Empowering people to lead gives them more than just another responsibility – it […]


There’s no weakness in forgiveness.

Enter [what’s been on my mind] Forgiveness is not a natural human response. At times, it’s even easier to forgive people for being wrong rather than being right. In a competitive environment like a workplace, forgiveness can seem more like a sign of weakness rather than a helpful step towards resolution. With so many reasons […]

Thankfulness vs Stressfulness

Enter [what’s been on my mind] Many of the things that I’m thankful for also tend to stress me out. Blink [see a new perspective] As an avid list maker, I recently made two lists. The first list: ten things that stress me out. The second list: ten things that I am thankful for. In […]