Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle)
by Peter Chee Guest Columnist:

Double-digit unemployment, challenging economic times and other reasons for career reinvention have created a community of independent business professionals seeking places to do business beyond the local coffee shop.

Read on to consider options to serve members of what best-selling author Daniel Pink describes as “Free Agent Nation.”

Many independent professionals have experienced the isolation and absence of creative inspiration that comes with working from a home office. Coworking is one of today’s emerging trends that can ease these pains.

The concept is that professionals work better together than they do alone. Securing coworking space is among the most cost-effective options for those who have escaped Cubicle Nation to launch businesses of their own.

Ever since the Parnassus Group started putting together Twitter Conferences in March of 2009, they have thought that the next wave of digital innovation is going to be built by ordinary geeks on top of the rich and emerging foundation of social data platforms.

All kinds of cool things are being built by local (Seattle) rock star developers on top of the available social APIs, ranging from Twitter to Foursquare to Facebook and beyond.

In support of that community, we’re hosting the first Social Developer Meetup at thinkspace in Redmond, on June 28th, 2010 from 7:30 to 9:30pm. It’s free to attend – anyone and everyone is welcome to join us.

We’ll have some snacks and some refreshing beverages available, and we’ll have some brief presentations from a couple of people doing very cool things in the space. We’ll put a few more details of the schedule into this post as they become available.

If you’re interested in social data, the development projects going on, either academically or because you want to dive into the APIs, this event will be a great place to meet with the people who are already forging that path. If you’re deep into the trenches, come and share war stories about finicky APIs and debate the moral uses of individual user data!

So, to recap:

* Monday June 28th, 2010, 7:30-9:30
* Refreshments, short presentations, and good conversations
* Register for free on Eventbrite! (Space is limited)

Ignite Seattle was tonight and it was the 10th time it has happened. I have to say tonight’s Ignite was the best one that I’ve attended. The speakers were great and everyone one of them did a great job.

I went to the Ignite Prefunk event at Pintxo which was coordinated by Giyen Dave Manningsmith (incorrectly gave credit to Dave! Updated 6/16/10).  Seattle’s such a small town and being active on Twitter has made it even smaller.  I love the fact that I can recognize people that I’m meeting at these events because I see their Twitter avatars daily in my stream.  (nice to meet you face-to-face Liana and Heidi Miller!)  It’s pretty cool to feel almost an instant connection with people because of this interaction.

The friendships that are being created are so amazing. Shauna Causey is hysterical. The interaction between Shauna, Scott Ecker, and I was off the chart funny.  Scott’s prerequisite before following someone on Twitter is candle light dinner; Shauna’s clicked this “follow me” button 16,000 times.  The jokes had me rolling… I think we were in tears (at least I know I was). We’ve really got a great community here in Seattle and it’s because of the really genuinely nice people.